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Healing Healthcare

Created and designed with the chronic care patient in mind, our proprietary ALTEA software is the only fully connected data platform built on patient data that harmonizes Physician Services and Facilities.

Our Mission

ALTEA is determined to build the most comprehensive multi-platform communication connection in the healthcare industry. We strive to provide a solution that will fill existing gaps most vital to the prevention of re-hospitalization. ALTEA’s innovative technology and infrastructure will allow providers to collect, exchange, analyze and act on patient data in real-time. Ultimately, our software will lead to lower costs (for insurers, state Medicaid and Medicare), reduced financial risk for practitioners and most importantly, improved patient outcomes.​

How does it work?

Here at ALTEA, we are connecting the silos within the healthcare industry by rising above standards and providing a connection that has been lost in the outpatient world. By building an integrated model centered around ALTEA and patient data, ALTEA is building a proprietary offering that is unparalleled in the market. Our proprietary and vertically integrated technology solutions empower clients to improve patient outcomes and enhance medication adherence through improved access and physician network, information sharing, data analytics, and customizable insights.

Here's some of our features:

Patient Data Encoding

Organizes, combines, and displays data from multiple sources so that all practitioners and facilities are provided with actionable insights.

Physician Services

Physicians and nurse practitioners conduct encounters with patients at contracted facilities to provide augmented care to patients.

Medication Administration

Helps patients better understand their health conditions and ensures they are on the proper medication regimen and generating the desired results.


Connects patients to licensed healthcare professionals, enabling them to access high-quality medical care for numerous conditions.

AI and NLP

ALTEA Platform utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover meaningful terms in speech and text while machine learning (ML) encodes the discovered terms.

Patient Outcomes

ALTEA provides outcome predictions based on Data Models built on multi-disciplinary and multi organizational data.

ALTEA's Connected Model

ALTEA connects the silos within healthcare by streamlining an ecosystem for efficiency and community, leaving you to focus on the most important aspect of healthcare: the patient.   

Physician Services

Chronic care patients interact daily with  physicians and facilities. Currently the flow of data between both parties is disconnected, leading to siloed care for the patient. The technology being built by ALTEA will be the only connected platform in the chronic care healthcare industry to address the disconnect and ensure data harmonization between both physicians and facilities.

Technology Services

ALTEA is currently building the only connected health platform in the chronic care industry where providers can collect, exchange, analyze and act on patient data in real-time. Our technology will have a large disruptive impact on the industry by allowing both our physicians and facilities to utilize data and to ultimately drive improved patient outcomes. 

Together we can work to connect the silos
in the healthcare world.